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Littleton, Colorado

We set out on a fun family road trip to Littleton, Colorado to visit Tim's parents. We had an amazing trip, visited our old stomping grounds and experienced fun new adventures!

Day 1: Omaha Zoo and North Platt

We set off for Colorado. Our goal was to get to North Platt, NE the first day. We split our trip up and took a fun detour to the Omaha Zoo. This was Madeleine's first trip and she had so much fun! It was the perfect place to stop and stretch our legs. We got to North Platt, enjoyed take out for dinner and everyone got a great night sleep.

Day 2: Littleton Colorado + a Birthday Party for Madeleine

We got into Colorado early afternoon. We explored the local library and got plenty of books for fun bedtime reading. After playing at the park next to the library, we had a little birthday party for Madeleine. She loved the cake and her sweet birthday gifts.

Day 3: Red Rocks and Evergreen

We started our day exploring Red Rocks Amphitheater. We had so much fun taking in the beautiful views. A short hike and a little sweat carrying the stroller up - we made it! A dream would be to come back and experience a concert here. Until then, we will settle for a relaxing morning with beautiful views.

Next on our stop was Evergreen Lake. A quick stop at Vivian's Gourmet bakery, followed by a serene picnic at Evergreen Lake. We ended our outing with paddle boats and a walk around the lake. Tim, Jenese and Theo enjoyed a fun hike - filled with beautiful views and a waterfall in Evergreen before we left.

Once we got back into town we spent some time at Breckenridge Brewery. It was such a great brewery with fun outdoor games for the kids!

Day 4: Rockies Game and Denver

We headed into Denver for the day. Theo had so much fun traveling via train. It was so fun catching a baseball game at the Rockies stadium. We got ice cream (somehow I ended up with Theo's raspberry sorbet and he ended up with my double chocolate...) and teddy enjoyed the biggest hot dog while watching the Rockies play. A fun filled day - Madeleine passed out towards the end and I got extra snuggles.

Some of the best parts of vacation is hanging around - spending quality time enjoying the every day moments.

Day 5: Colorado Springs

Tim and I spent the day in our old stomping grounds - Colorado Springs. It was so fun walking down memory lane. Some highlights included: Day cocktails and lunch at our favorite Sonterra Grill, ice cream at Josh and Johns, walked around the beautiful Broadmoor, visited all of our old apartments and took a scenic drive around Garden of the Gods Park. It was such a great day. I'm so glad we could get away for some quality time together visiting a place where we first started off together as adults.

We always love walking around The Broadmoor Hotel. Beautiful views. Fancy drinks. So many fun memories spent here.

Garden of the Gods is one of my favorite places in Colorado. We used to hike through the trails and we always took visitors to take in the breathtaking views. Such a special place with so many memories. I'm glad we could take a scenic drive around the park on our way back to Denver. It was the perfect end to a great day!

Day 6: Denver Botanical Gardens and Denver Museum of Nature and Science

We had so much fun at the Denver Botanical Gardens! Stunning greens and flowers - a relaxing morning taking in some beautiful views. We loved walking through this 23-acre park including its conservatory, a variety of theme gardens and bright blooms.

We had a busy day! We finished at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. They had so many fun exhibits - we tried to hit each one. Madeleine loved stretching her legs and exploring. Theo loved all of the animal exhibits. Such a fun way to finish the day. So many fun things to explore inside the museum. Theo especially loved the dinosaur and sensory exhibits.

Until Next Time

We had the best trip with Dan and Jenese and we are thankful for the memories. The fun continued as we traveled back home. We stopped at the Omaha Zoo on the way back for another great day of fun. We can't wait for our next trip. Until then, we will look back on this trip and be thankful for the new memories we made.

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