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10 years.

Happy 10 years with this babe. I love you Tim.

So many milestones, moments of joy and heartbreak. A decade of supporting one another, loving each other, growing this family I hold most dear. Thank you for doing life with me and loving me through everything.

COVID forced us to cancel travel plans and made it hard to plan something special. I'm so glad we got creative and made the most of it close to home. We rented a pontoon boat and celebrated together in the middle of the lake on a beautiful day with sunshine and rare, quality time. A perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.

We continued our celebrations throughout the whole weekend with date nights and wedding dress fittings. My parents came and stayed with the kids. I'm so thankful they gave us some extra date nights. We ordered takeout from our favorite restaurants (Centro, duh and Malo the next night!) We enjoyed dinner together in lawn chairs on two beautiful evenings. One night we even set up a trunk picnic with Christmas Vacation streaming on our phone (our computer didn't work!)

I had a lot of fun getting my wedding dress out. When I unpacked the dress from it's plastic case, Madeleine squealed like she was being given ice cream. She ran to her room and grabbed a crib sheet so she could dress up too. Theo went to his room and showed back up in a black Nike pantsuit - his version of a tux to be like dad. These are the moments that make life so, so good.

The next day, with my mother's help, I squeezed back into my wedding dress (SUCCESS!) It was fun putting it on and wearing it for an hour. So many fun memories (I finally found out if the red wine stain came out... it did not...) - I loved putting it back on and taking photos in the front with our kids (even though it took MANY bribes to get them in a photo) at our home - a picture of a life we could have only dreamed about 10 years ago when we said "I do".

See how happy they are??

I love them.

Tim, I'm so thankful for you. I'm thankful for our marriage. The love we share. The partnership we have. Cheers to you, to us and the next 10 years. XO

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