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Madeleine - 3.5 Months

1. Daycare - You're doing so well at daycare and we absolutely love your teachers. Miss. Jaime and Miss. Brittany love you so much already. It's so nice to have such amazing people taking care of you each day. They really go above and beyond to make you comfortable and help you take your bottle. You're getting better and better each day.

2. Smiles for miles. You are so smiley - especially in the morning. You like to save your smiles for your favorite people. It makes me so happy - whenever I get close to your face - you give me your biggest smile and it melts my heart.

3. Starting to like bath. I've really tried to make bath time like a spa for you. We get some soft music going, dim the lights and create a relaxing environment. Guess what - you love it! It's the perfect part of bed time routine.

4. Mornings are your favorite. You are so content after your morning feeding. You love to just look around and keep yourself busy.

5. Sleep. We are still working on this. It's been hard because you've had a cold for a while now. When you're feeling good - you tend to just get up once in the middle of the night. I'll take it!

6. Laughter. You're starting to get some belly giggles and it's so fun to hear. I LOVE listening to you "talk" and laugh - you make the most adorable sounds. So far, you laugh the most for brother when he dances crazy in front of you.

7. First Halloween. We had the best weather this year for Halloween. We took you in the stroller as Teddy had fun trick-or-treating. You went as a "unicorn". It was so fun to go as a family. I can't wait for future family costumes.

8. First trip to the ER. Unfortunately, you came down with croup sweet girl. We knew as soon as we heard your first cough. We headed into the ER since it was a Sunday night. You rocked it - only cried for a little bit when they got you out of your car seat. They gave you an oral steroid to help open up your throat and let you breathe better. You're starting to get better. I had forgotten all about the nights of sleeping in the rocking chair holding a sick baby. The nights are long and the days are tiring - but I wouldn't change it for the world. I love being your go-to person for comfort.

9. Hands. You've discovered your hands. You love to put them in your mouth and it's so sweet when you hold them in front of you - like a little lady pondering the world. It's so so cute!

10. Stronger. Your core is getting so strong. You are rocking tummy time and are doing a great job holding your head up all on your own. You'll be sitting up before we know it!

We love you baby girl. Keep growing and learning.



P.S. Look at this adorable picture of you and your brother at the same age wearing the same sweatshirt. Are you seeing any similarities?

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