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Teddy 6 & 7 Weeks

My sweet little boy,

You’ve had a couple of busy weeks. How are you already 8 weeks old? Days go by fast. You keep growing and becoming more adorable each day.

You love to talk. Especially in the morning, I’ll lay you down and you’ll hang out and talk to yourself.

You are a great eater. You’re growing and growing. I love your chubby cheeks. I don’t know how long I spend kissing them each day, but it’s a lot!

You’re smile is beautiful. It gets better each day. Every time you smile at us, you warm our hearts. It’s simply the best!

You got to meet a lot of new friends this week. Your cousin Jensen has been chomping at the bit to meet you. He loved snuggling you, along with your Aunt Mindy and Uncle Matt.

You love story time. We read a couple of books each day. This week, you had some special people read to you, including your cousin Jensen and Grandpa Dan.

You are still loving your hands. We catch you with your hands in your mouth all the time. We even found a tiny hickey on the side of your wrist.

You’re eyes are starting to focus on voices and you can follow us pretty well when we move from side to side. You’ve also started to get your grip down. You love holding onto hands, especially Grandpa Dan’s.

You love to sleep – but what baby doesn’t. We moved you from our room to your room last week. You love your crib. It took me a few nights to get comfortable with you sleeping in a different room. I pretty much slept with the monitor glued to my eyes all night, but you are sleeping better in there, and so are we.

This is probably my favorite place for you right here.

You helped Mallory celebrate Baby Moh at her shower. We are anxious for you to meet your future best friend. You are such a happy baby and do great in crowds. Everyone loved meeting you!

You had a ton of great grandparent time this past week. Starting with some days with Grandma KiKi. She came to Des Moines and helped me with some things around the house and loved snuggle time with you.

You also helped Grandma Pat celebrate her birthday. She and Grandpa Rick had so much time snuggling with you and watching you laugh. You did a great job cheering on the family in an epic Four-Square Battle – unfortunately your mom did not win.

Grandma Jenese and Grandpa Dan flew in from California to meet you. They are absolutely smitten with you (who wouldn’t be). They love to make you smile and hold you when you sleep.

Some fun things about Mom this week – I enjoyed my first martini in over a year. Grandpa Rick can make a mean martini and I thought it only appropriate that he mixed my first cocktail post baby. It was delicious! I also went for my first run since you were born. It was hard but I’m glad I did it. Grandma Jenese and Grandpa Dan took you in the stroller and gave dad and me the opportunity to get a good workout in. You slept the whole way!

I gave you your first official bath (in your baby bath tub). We still have some work to do because I couldn’t figure out how to get the tub to fit in the sink comfortably. We’ll get there.

Some other fun photos from the last few weeks!

Teddy – you are oh so loved. Keep growing. Keep smiling.



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