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Web Gems

1. Repurposed countertop shelving. LOVE THIS!

2. Two easy tips to conquer e-mails at work.

3. Which FRIENDS duo are you and your BFF? Take this quiz and find out.

4. Another Hallmark Holiday is right around the corner. Check out these cute cards you can send your friends and loved ones.

5. Love your curls. Having grown up with crazy, curly hair, and struggled to know how to tame/manage it, I wish I would have seen this great campaign as a kid. Over the years, my curls have become one of my favorite features, but it definitely wasn’t love at first site. I love DOVE’s mission to help women love themselves just the way they are.

6. Don’t judge. A great reminder that judging other parenting styles is absurd.

8. Tater tots, tater tots, tater tots!!! Make your own with this recipe.

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