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4 Years.

4 years and I still…

  • appreciate you taking out the trash when it starts to smell.

  • think you are the most handsome man.

  • love your martinis.

  • pretend to hate when you laugh AT me (not with me). every. single. day. (even though I secretly love it)

  • love the way you smell.

  • appreciate you smiling for a photo, even though I know we have a bagillion.

  • love that you’ll eat anything I cook for you, even when we both know it’s not very good.

  • love you more than I did the day before.

4 years and you still…

  • get me through the hardest days.

  • spark my wanderlust.

  • know the exact moment to play this song after a hard day because I can’t not dance/sing to it.

  • are one of the best, most genuine, hardworking people I know.

  • make me proud of how far we’ve come through life.

  • let me dance my own moves.

  • make me laugh every single day.

  • love my friends just as much as I do.

  • make me happy.

4 years of marriage, together for 13 – and I couldn’t be more blessed to have you by my side – my husband, best friend, travel companion, tutor, coach, comedian – I love you.

Happy 4 year anniversary babe. Cheers to another great year ahead.


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