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Ice Cream Sundae's

Sometimes. No.

Often. No.

Every day I just want a big bowl of ice cream…

I would say there are moments in each day where I think, “I just want a little scoop. One tiny, itsy-bitsy scoop of ice cream.” What’s the harm? I usually have to talk myself out of said ice cream, but sometime’s it’s important to let yourself splurge.

We had friends over the other week and we had Ice Cream Sundae’s for dessert. I thought this was a great dessert for a big group of people because it’s fun, easy, everyone get’s to create their own and did I say it was easy?

I offered a couple different options:

  • ice cream (my favorite is homestyle vanilla)

  • sprinkles (for the hubby)

  • caramel

  • chocolate sauce

  • M&M’s

  • fresh raspberries (not pictured)

  • chocolate covered blueberries

  • chocolate covered almonds with sea salt (from Trader Joe’s)

What’s your favorite topping?? I tend to go with a simple mix – just one or two toppings, M&M’s being one of my favorite.

Whatever topping is you favorite, make sure you treat yourself before the weather gets too cold to enjoy. Ha – like that could ever happen!

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