Week 13: My Half-Marathon Training

We’ll, we’ve made it to the final week of training, my race is this Saturday! All my training has led me to this moment.


Tim and I rocked a 10 mile run today, in sprinkling rain and against some crazy winds – we finished in 1 hour, 49 minutes and I couldn’t be more proud.

When training, it really does come down to the quote above. Tim has been my biggest cheerleader, and I’m so happy to have him in my corner. But at the end of the day, he can’t run it for me. I have to embrace each run and keep moving forward, even when it’s hard and my muscles start to hurt. Like Dory says, “Just keep running, just keep running, just keep running, running, running.”

Here’s something important… my friends and I have come up with our team name; “Better Than Adequate”. (A sort of grad school inside joke that stuck.) Watch out world, we’re coming atchya.

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Things I’ll be doing this week:

  1. Light workouts Monday – Wednesday

  2. Rest Thursday and Friday

  3. Drink LOTS of WATER!

  4. No Alcohol

  5. Eat Healthy

  6. Finalize my running playlist


  8. Stretch

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Read up on my other training updates here:

Thank you to everyone who has helped with my training along the way. Your words of motivation have meant more than you could possibly know. I’m excited for Saturday. Wish me luck!

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