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Week 10: My Half-Marathon Training + Relays Recap

Hi and welcome back from the weekend. I wanted to give you an update on how my marathon training is coming along as well as a Relays Recap. Last week was really busy with trying to get caught up after a crazy week at work.

Here are a couple new things I’ve learned the last two weeks in regard to training:

1. When you sign up for a race, make sure you get your race packet before the morning of the race. I was so busy working right up till last Sunday’s road race, that I didn’t have a chance to pick up my packet. Because I didn’t sign a waver, they wouldn’t let me race. Instead of crying (seriously, almost did that), I went for my own 6k at Gray’s Lake and came back for the awesome live Relays concert, Eric Hutchinson (he’s awesome!).

2. When you get busy and you’re in the middle of training – don’t feel bad if you can’t get your whole workout in. Do what you can. If that means you can only do 30 minutes of running, do 30 minutes of running – and be ok with it. It reminds me of this quote:

“Don’t let a bad day turn into a bad week”

3. Running with a partner can help. Today, Tim and I did a 7 mile run together and he was a big motivation in my finishing. Having someone hold you accountable, keeps you honest when it comes to finishing the whole run.

4. Switch up your long runs. Tim and I have done a different route for each of our long runs – and it keeps it fun. Living downtown, we have an array of possibilities when it comes to where we run. Don’t forget to use Map My Run when you’re looking to map your route.

5. Just keep swimming.

Half Marathon Training: Week 10

  • Monday: stretch and strengthen

  • Tuesday: 5 mile run

  • Wednesday: 3 mile run or cross train

  • Thursday: 5 mile run + strength

  • Friday: Rest (YAY!)

  • Saturday: 50 minute cross train

  • Sunday: 8 mile run

Read up on my other training updates here:

Happy Running!


Switching gears, I wanted to show you a little photo diary of my Relays experience last weekend. WARNING: the following includes ALOT of bulldog pictures. Prepare yourself for excessive cuteness!

Monday: Beautiful Bulldog Contest

The Beautiful Bulldog Contest, a Drake Relays tradition just finished it’s 34th year with the the beautiful bulldog winner, Huckleberry. Maybe one of my favorite events of the week. Seriously, so much grunting, costumes and adorable faces!

Tuesday: Pole Vault in the Mall

This year, the favorite track event went indoors for the fifth Pole Vault in Jordan Creek Mall. Spectators were able to enjoy olympic athletes jump high inside the confines of the mall. Pretty incredible to see!

Wednesday: Downtown Street painting

Keeping with Drake’s student tradition of street painting, the Alumni Office holds Downtown Street Painting. Local businesses are able to paint their own square on the busy Court Avenue.

This year’s Beautiful Bulldog, Huckleberry stopped by. I might be just a little obsessed…

My awesome team at work.

Drum Roll Please – Porterhouse was a judge this year! I’m seriously obsessed with this face. I mean, who wouldn’t love him?? We have the best mascot – Porterhouse is the best!

Friday – Saturday: Relays!

Our office had an awesome Alumni tent right across the stadium where we gave out FREE Drake swag and photo opportunities with Huckleberry and Porterhouse.

Happy 2013 Relays! It was probably one of my favorites so far. If you’re a fan of relays, what’s been your favorite memory so far?

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