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Week 3: My Half-Marathon Training

Happy Monday!

I’m moving into week 3 of training for my half-marathon. When looking for a little motivation, I found this quote on Pinterest, and I really love it. I think it’s hard sometimes to remember that training can take sacrifice, but in the end – it’s totally worth it.

This past week went pretty well. I had a tough run this morning, but I made it through. Our 4.1 mile run was in the cold and against the wind. What got me through? Advice from my friend Ashly. Her advice was:

Just do it! Some days suck, some days you feel like you have a sumo wrestler tied to your ankles…but some days…it’s incredible, it’s zen, it’s ‘a could run a million miles’, it’s peaceful, it’s wonderful.

I’ve told this to myself on a couple of runs – just do it. Thanks Ashly for the great advice!

This past week, I got a great keepsake from Tim’s stepmom Jenese. Tim’s grandmother was a big runner and she wore this beautiful gold necklace during all her races. His grandma gave it to Jenese during her running career and now she’s passed it along to me.

I am so honored and I can’t wait to wear it during my upcoming races. Jenese – thank you SO much! I absolutely love this gift.

Here’s this weeks schedule.

Half Marathon Training: Week 3

  • Monday: stretch and strengthen

  • Tuesday: 3.5 mile run

  • Wednesday: 2 mile run or cross train

  • Thursday: 3.5 mile run + strength

  • Friday: Rest (YAY!)

  • Saturday: 40 minute cross train

  • Sunday: 5 mile run

Happy Running!

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