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BBQ Ribs - Happy 4th of July

As many of you know by now, Tim’s mom, Pat, is an amazing cook. As I’ve gotten older and found a love for cooking, I try and take every opportunity to learn from her. This 4th of July weekend, we conquered BBQ Ribs. These are savory, fall off the bone ribs that everyone will enjoy.

The trick to good ribs is patience. It takes about 4-5 hours to make good ribs. I can’t wait to make these for friends in Des Moines this summer. Follow this recipe and you will have the perfect main dish for a Fourth of July cookout.

BBQ Ribs

  • Your favorite dry rub. We used this ad hoc sweet & spicy BBQ rub from award-winning Chef Thomas Keller’s Napa Valley restaurant. You can find this at any Williams-Sonoma store.

  • Pork Loin Back Ribs. (These are great because they are thicker with meat and have less fat on them.)

  • Your favorite BBQ Sauce

I found three packages of ribs were perfect for 8 grown adults and a two year old. Start off by lining your cooking sheet with tin foil. Spray your tin foil well with Pam cooking spray. Make sure you coat well so the ribs don’t stick. Take your ribs and massage the dry rub onto the meat. Make sure you do both sides evenly.

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees. Bake these for 3 hours with rib bones facing down | meat side up.

Now that the juices are flowing and the BBQ smell starts to permeate your house, it’s time to start your grill. Turn on your grill to low heat. Take the ribs out of the oven and let them cool for 15-20 minutes. Once cooled, transfer the ribs to the grill meat side down. This is when you add your BBQ sauce. Coat the bottom of your ribs with sauce. Cook on low heat for 15 minutes.

In this case, we had three stacks of ribs. Rick, the grilling king, only used his back burner on low. He took turns rotating the ribs from back to front, every 15 minutes until all the ribs were heated through. He also flipped them to bone side down and coated the top of the ribs with more BBQ sauce.

Ready to serve!

These ribs are succulent and flavorful. If you’re looking for at hit dish at your next block party – take the time and make these. You and your guests will surely be fighting over the last rib!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Stay tuned this week for some great sides to go with these amazing ribs! What’s your favorite firework? I love the ones that pop real loud and look like dead dandelion heads.

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