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Baby Shower Invitations

I have the pleasure of planning my cousin Naomi’s baby shower coming up in June. I can’t wait to unveil all the fun things we have planned. I love the little details in planning events, starting with the invitations.

I made Naomi’s invitations from scratch. I started with a fun trip to Michael’s. Here’s a glance at some of the things you’ll need.

Supplies I like to use:

2. Got Flowers? These beautiful arrangement of flowers are the perfect embelishment for invitations. I used Prima Got Flowers.

3. These silver screw brads are perfect for adhering the flowers to the invitations. These are part of the Recollections brand.

4. You’ll need your Fiskars hand punch to assemple the flowers and brads.

5. You’ve got to love Martha Stewart! These dimensional dahlia stickers are what set off the whole color scheme. So pretty.

When making invitations, make sure you pick a color theme that you love. We chose hot pink with some dark pinks and peaches. She’s going to have a girl and we wanted to make it girly with sophisticated fun.

I started by designing the actual text for the invitation using InDesign. After you print the design out, cut and paste onto accept paper. Cut with cutting board.

Once you have all the text pages glued down to your accent color page – It’s time to glue them onto your back card.

Take your Fiskars hand punch and make punches where you want your flowers to go.

Stay tuned for more shower fun as we get closer.

Have you planned a baby shower? What’s the favorite thing you did? Any special details that you’d like to share? Tell me all about it!

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