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It's a Whole New World

A whole new world

A dazzling place I never knew

But when I’m way up here, it’s crystal clear

That now I’m in a whole new world with you.

So, I have a shocking announcement.

You will be utterly amazed.

Are you ready?

Tonight I made fish for dinner – and I actually liked it. So much – that I will eat cod on a weekly basis from now on. Who would have ever thought this day would come?

Tim bought me three types of fish at the store to try;

  1. Cod

  2. Orange Roughy

  3. Tilapia

We prepared these pieces of fish three different ways. To start, I added oil and butter to my pan.

To Cook the Cod:

All I did was drench it in flour and season with salt and pepper. I made sure the oil and butter were hot in the pan and let the fish sear, giving it a nice brown outside color. Cook 7 minutes on each side. By the time it is done, it should be delicately falling apart. Flaky and moist with a crispy outside.

To Cook the Tilapia:

To make this I used lemon juice, garlic, melted butter and salt & pepper. I started by squeezing fresh lemon on the fish, then spread some garlic, salt and pepper on top. I placed it on the pan and covered it with the melted butter. Cook for 3 minutes on each side - it cooks pretty fast.

To Cook the Orange Roughy:

We melted butter and dipped the fish, covering it in butter. We then covered the fish with breadcrumbs mixed with parmesan cheese. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side.

The next step is the most important: Light a candle. Turn your oven fan on.

I have to say when we first started cooking this meal, I didn’t have high hope due to the SMELL (fishy) – but I was pleasantly surprised. Cod was my absolute favorite! So flaky and moist. Orange Roughy was my second favorite, with a crispy outside and tender inside. I wasn’t the biggest fan of this tilapia. I think I need to keep searching for a good recipe.

What a great dinner. We served it family style with a side of brown rice. I know when my mom hears this, she won’t believe it. Believe it MOM! I ate fish and liked it!! It’s a whole new world!

Who else likes fish? What’s your favorite kind? How do you prepare it?

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