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Happy Birthday Mom!

Last weekend my mom came to town to celebrate her 59th year on earth. It was a GREAT weekend, filled with so many fun things, it’s hard to list everything. Here are my top 10 favorite moments:

  1. Trip to Michigan City for outlet shopping! We both found a great pair of shoes and really fuzzy slippers!

  2. Birthday Meal. I cooked my mother a great birthday meal (if I do say so myself) – greek salad with herbed pita. Find recipe in previous blog post.

  3. Cup Cakes. I found a cupcake place in downtown Valpo that might be better than Sprinkles, in LA. They even had Key Lime Pie – my mom’s favorite!

  4. Twilight Marathon. Eclipse came out last weekend, so my mom and I spent Friday night watching the first two movies, Twilight and New Moon.

  5. Road Trip to Chicago. Lots of great singing and girl talk.

  6. Lunch with friends at the Ritz. We were able to meet up with Megan and her family, and Tracey at the Ritz. It was great seeing everyone.

  7. Shopping with Tracey and my Mom. We finally introduced my mother to Crate and Barrel! It was GREAT.

  8. Wicked. It was amazing.

  9. Eclipse at 1 a.m. with pizza (hey, we never ate dinner).

  10. Quality mother/daughter time. I think we’ll make a tradition out of this!

Happy Birthday Mom! I hope this year treats you well

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