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Madeleine - 6 Months

6 month photos are way more fun with brother.

I can’t believe we are already celebrating your half birthday (of course this post is a few days late because it’s true what they say about any kid born after #1...)

Baby girl, you wake up smiling and happy to start your day. You are so so close to rolling over. You love your activity gyms and playing in your high chair. We are starting the exciting worlds of baby food - I can’t wait to see what your favorite is.

You love to eat your toes and grab mommy’s hair. Your brother continues to be the funniest person you know - you always light up when he is near. We love you so much!

I can’t wait to see what the next month brings.

To the moon,


P.S. Look at you and your brother - both at 6 months.

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