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Madeleine - 5.5 Months

Baby Girl - you are 5.5 months old! So may fun things have happened over the last month. You are looking more and more like your daddy each and every day. It's so fun seeing you become more aware, mobile and smiley each and every day. Here are some highlights from this past month...

1. First Christmas. You had your first Christmas and we survived without any trips to the emergency room! You did ok meeting Santa - good thing big brother was there to help you through. We had a memorable Christmas Eve dinner with family and a relaxing Christmas day. So many great memories we'll treasure.

2. Hands. Hands. Hands. You love grabbing anything and everything (and sticking everything in your mouth!) You love grabbing your toes and touching my face. It's so fun - I will hold two toys out in front of you and you will reach and grab the one you want. It's fun watching you make decisions already.

3. Rolly poley. You're not quite rolling over (you are SO SO CLOSE), but you are able to move around and shuffle from one place to the next. I'll lay you down and you can turn around and before I know it you're off your activity mat or sideways in your crib.

4. Home Sweet Home. We officially moved you to your room after the holidays. I think you like it better and I can't wait to start sleep training soon. You only get up a few times a night but I'm ready to get us organized so we can try to help you sleep through the night.

5. First plane ride. You ROCKED your first plane ride. We took a family vacation to Florida over the New Year and I was super anxious before we left. Two kids on a plane can go either way. I'm thankful it went so smoothly. Shout out to Southwest and our flight attendant. They were so friendly and helpful. They even gave you your own certificate, baggage tag and wings recognizing your first flight. Great job sweetie!

6. First big family trip. You survived your first plane ride and we survived (and ENJOYED!) our first big family trip as a #partyof4. We traveled to Sanibel Island with our whole family. It was a week full of beautiful weather, relaxation, beach activities and fun. I'm so thankful for the memories we made on this trip. I hope we can go back every few years - it's the perfect place for a beach vacation.

7. First time to the ocean. While you might not remember, you stuck your toes in the ocean for the first time. I hope we can continue to provide you with these incredible experiences throughout the rest of your life.

8. Happy girl. Your personality continues to become more defined. You are sweet, filled with smiles for everyone you meet and content. You love to laugh at your brother and your mom and dad are your favorite people. A big difference between you and your brother, is you are MUCH more content when you first wake up in the morning or from a nap. You'll lay there and hang, coo and wait for us to come get you. Your brother woke up crying. I hope that continues :)

I can't wait to see what the next month brings. Thank you for continuing to bring so much joy to our lives. I love you so much baby girl!



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