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thank you.

Thank you for changing the dirty diapers.

Thank you for getting up at 4 a.m. to travel for work - allowing yourself to help with bedtime the night before and giving me peace of mind so I can sleep through the night.

Thank you for making yourself a note to pick me up flowers, just because. Even if you don't actually get to the store to buy them.

Thank you for telling me I look more beautiful today than when we met.

Thank you for appreciating me as a mother to our children.

Thank you for being a hero to our kids.

Thank you for doing everything possible to spend as much time with your family and to be here. Even when you deserve a break. Even when it's ok for you to get away for yourself. You still think about and put us first.

Thank you for doing the research, making the calls, going back and forth and putting the work into getting me a shiny new car. :)

Thank you for handling all the things around the house I don't want to do: bills, yard work, maintenance, etc.

Thank you for being my equal in ALL things.

Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for making our kids laugh.

Thank you for making our relationship easy and fulfilling and bountiful and everything I could ever want for myself.

Thank you for being the perfect role model for the man I want our son to be and the man I hope our daughter chooses.

Thank you for sharing my worries. For being protective of our children and their future.

Just thank you.

You make my life richer, more rewarding and fun - and I love you. XO

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