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Teddy - Threenager Years

Theo - babe,

You are three and thriving. We like to call these years the "Threenager" years because you are like a little sour patch kid. You can go from the sweetest boy to calling me "poopy" head in the matter of seconds or my favorite,"stop talking to me." Your father and I like to break into rap every time you shout at us to STOP... collaborate and listen...

I'm loving this age. While there are a few headaches (I hate to break it to you but you can be a pill), it is also SO much fun. The passion and energy you bring to each day is something I absolutely adore.

Some of my favorites things about this age:

Your Imagination. You are really starting to gain an imagination. Just the other day you were in the back seat of the car talking on your phone to your best friend Kale. You had a whole conversation, "What are you doing? ... I'm just hanging out with my dad ... Yeah ... ok ... I got to go, bye." When you play with your cars and trucks - they all have a destination and a storyline. It's fun to see your imagination take flight.

You are a Big Brother. You became a big brother in July and so far, you. are. rocking. it! I love to see your protective side when I drop you off at school. When all your friends rush to see M, you are very cautious and don't like to let anyone get too close. When we're at home, you like to check in to see where she is, but you're not all up in her space. I think the only time you struggle is sharing bedtime. I have put you to bed most nights since you were a baby and that routine has changed since sister came along. I think you are finding bed time the one time of day where you have your dad and my undivided attention so you never want it to end. Hopefully we'll get M in a routine soon where I can be freed up to have quality time before bed.

You're a Pre-Schooler - You moved up to the green room at school. Every morning you have pre-school curriculum from 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. It took a few weeks of transition but drop offs are getting better and you always leave saying you had a great day. Mornings are tough - we're already dealing with you saying "I don't want to go to school" but you love your teachers and friends.

Some of Your Favorite Things Include: Anything with wheels. Out of all your toys, you consistently love playing with your cars, tractors, monster trucks, trains, etc. You love riding your scooter and big boy bike. The word "Poopy". Outside Liam, Kellen and Kale, you said your best friends are mom and dad. Blaze. "Super Gecko Muscles". "Poopyhead". Grapes. Saying "I want a snaaaack."

Independence. Independence. Independence. You don't want help doing anything. You MUST do everything yourself. That includes picking out your clothes and getting dressed, putting on your shoes, getting your own snacks, filling up your water glass, riding your bike (even when you get stuck and you can't move - no one can help you...), etc. I love that you want to learn and take things on all by yourself. It can be frustrating, especially when I see you struggling with something and we're running 10 minutes late, I have to remind myself to give you time and space to do things your own way and grow.

You are Brave. Don't get me wrong, you can be shy at times but for the most part - you are always up for adventure. Whether it's riding a camel (see below) or riding a train solo - you like to try new things. I hope that continues as you grow.

Hungry Boy. "I want a SNAAAAACK" - I can't imagine how I'll keep a stocked fridge once you become a teenage. You seem to always be hungry and in the mood for a "snaaaaccckk" That's how you say it. Really whiny like.

Family First. I love this age because you still want to do anything and everything with your dad and me. I really need to stop and soak these moments up. I love that you always ask me to play, you'd rather stay home with us each and every day, and you want me to put you to bed, and kiss you goodnight. These are the moments I know I'll look back on and treasure one day.

Keep growing. Love you baby!



P.S. This is my world - right here.

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