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Madeleine - 6 Weeks

Hey Baby Girl (I've been calling you "M")

You are 6 weeks old. Can you believe it? You're growing each day and we couldn't love you more!! Time sure flies by when you're getting no sleep, showering every few days and soaking up all the baby snuggles you can.

You are beautiful lovely girl. Each day you are growing more alert and starting to focus on things around you. I love when you show recognition to my voice and face. You've discovered your hands. You are also starting to coo and make fun sounds.

Here are some fun things about you at 6 weeks.

Brotherly Love. Teddy loves to be near you. He can be protective. We're still working on how to say "she". There is a lot of "why is he crying" "he probably wants milk". He likes to check in and make sure you're doing well but for the most part - he leaves you alone which we're ok with right now. I think he's excited for the day when you do more than eat, sleep and poop.

PS - you are like a minature version of your brother at this age. The faces you make - I swear I see so much of him in you. Here you are in one of his old onesies.

PSS - you are totally rocking a mohawk. It's pretty incredible....

Food Allergy. We think you might have an allergy to the diary protein. That or acid reflux. We're working on it. We have some medicine to help with reflux and I'm cutting all dairy out of my diet. I was in denial for a few weeks but I think it's best to cut it out. I didn't know dairy was in so many things... (I forgot how much I enjoy ice cream) - but I am determined to breastfeed so we're going to make it work.

Upright Baby. Because you have some reflux, you don't like laying flat. To help with this, I dug out the Ergo Baby and you LOVE it. I never really used it with brother but you are in it several times a day. You'll be crying and as soon as I get you in there you fall fast asleep.

Not a fan of baths yet. I'm not sure if it's your too small for your little baby bath tub - but you have not yet become a fan of baths. You cry pretty much the entire time - until it's time to wash your hair. Then you like the feel of the warm water on your head. Most of the time it's all about getting in and out as quickly as possible.

A love of outdoors. You love walks in the stroller or being held outside in the fresh air. It definitely calms you down. You love to look up in the sky and take in whatever your little eyes can see.

1 Month. You turned one month old. Here's a pic of your one-month photo session...

Snuggles. They are the absolute best. Some days we're really productive - we go to lunch with friends and get things done around the house. Other days, like today - we sit on the couch and I do nothing but hold you. I'm trying to soak up each moment of this stage, however I will say, I'm excited for you to become more animated and active. Your smiles are starting to appear, you're definitely becoming more aware of your surroundings. It's getting fun :)

You are LOVED. You've had a TON of visitors these past few weeks. Everyone has loved getting to meet and hold you.

Checking things out. You are definitely becoming more alert during the day. You love being upright, checking things out. It's so fun seeing you try to engage in your surroundings. You're the most alert in the mornings so that's when we practice tummy time, play in our activity gym and read lots of books. (You're even working on your grip - see toy below).

Smiles. You are starting to smile and I can't wait for it to become a regular thing. What will your laugh sound like? Your brother is saving a ton of jokes and can't wait to make you giggle.

Mom to Two. Tim and I still look at each other daily and say, "we're really doing it". Life is a little more chaotic, but I think we're in the sweet spot where things are manageable (I'm on maternity leave so it's easier being home all day). I never thought the love I have for my children could multiply, but here I am - loving you and your brother to the moon and back. We're living in a sort of fog right now - sleep deprivation will do that - just trying to get through each day and stay present in each moment.

We love you baby girl. We can't wait to see what the next month brings.



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