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Happy Friday!

1. Last 30 Days as #TesarPartyof3. We are down to less than 30 days until baby girl gets here. It just hit me today how little time we have as a family of three. While I am SO SO excited for her to get here, there are a couple of things I want to make sure we do before she gets here.

Things I'd love to try and get done:

  1. Host a playdate for Teddy and friends.

  2. Go on an unexpected adventure. Take a half day and pick Teddy up early for an afternoon with just the two of us.

  3. Plan a couple date nights with Tim.

  4. Write Teddy a letter.

  5. Say "yes" anytime Teddy asks to play or do something fun. Forget being tired, I really want to soak up all this special time where my attention can entirely revolve around him.

2. Ice Cream. You Scream. We all scream for Ice Cream. Tim and my new summer bucket list is to get through this list of local ice cream shops in the Des Moines metro area. I. Can't. Wait.

3. No Phone Brunches. This is on my list to do this month before baby girl comes - I want brunch or happy hour with girlfriends where we leave our phones in the center of the table. If anyone touches their phone, they have to pay the bill.

4. Pregnancy Sweet Tooth... The way I see it I have 30 days to stuff my face with all the sweet things... I have a serious sweet tooth on a normal day but it is amplified during pregnancy. These cookies look AMAZING - I wish I could reach through the screen and grab one.

5. If you do anything today, do this.

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