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Teddy has some exciting news to share...

Our family is growing by one this summer. Baby girl is expected to arrive in late July and we couldn't be more excited.

I'm 26 weeks pregnant this Monday and we thought it was time to finally make this internet official. I'm an only child so I don't know what it's like to have siblings. From what I hear, anyone who comes after the first child gets the shaft - from new clothes, pictures, baby books, etc. Now that I'm preggo with #2, I completely understand how this happens. I'm hoping to do better so here's some key takeaways from the past 26 weeks I hope to remember.

When did you find out you were pregnant and how did you tell your family?

I remember it was a busy work week at the end of November. Festival of Trees and Lights was right around the corner. I was at home in-between needing to get back to work for set up. I decided to take a quick test and what do you know - it was positive. I did a little happy dance by myself in the bathroom and went on my way. Later that night, I grabbed a little cake from the grocery store and had the baker write "Big Brother" on it as a fun way to tell Tim and Teddy. (Tim was thrilled, Teddy was just excited he got cake.)

The beginning of my pregnancy was bitter sweet. We found out we were pregnant 6 days before Tim's mom, Pat, passed away. One of my clearest memories during the haze of those heartbreaking days was racing back to Cedar Rapids, dropping my things at home and rushing to my mother-in-law's side and telling her we were pregnant. It was so important to me she know about her new grandchild. She smiled when I told her and I know she was thrilled. Over the next few days at home, Tim and I were able to go through baby names, promising her we wouldn't name the baby anything stupid and asking her to keep an eye on this little one as they grew.

Tim and I experienced a miscarriage before Theodore and I remember I was so terrified to get through my first trimester with Teddy we kept our news secret for a long time. I was filled with a lot of anxiety and never really let myself relax until I heard his cries for the first time. For some reason, this time around has been a little easier. I know it's because we have an Angel watching over us, making sure the baby and I are ok. Pat has wings and she has definitely wrapped them around me, allowing me peace and comfort.

How did you feel during the first trimester? Any symptoms or cravings?

While I felt less anxiety during the first 13 weeks, I struggled with all day nausea. I was pretty sick with Teddy but this time felt worse and it lasted longer (through week 16.) There was a point I wasn't sure I would ever feel better and I was on the struggle bus daily. It just took a fun girl's weekend to Breckenridge, Colorado for me to come back feeling better.

As far as cravings, I've gone through a couple different ones. My sweet tooth never left me after being pregnant with Teddy. If anything it just gets worse during pregnancy. I had a few weeks where I craved a grilled chicken sandwich each and every day. Right now I really love oranges. I enjoy one every day.

I really don't remember much from the first trimester other than feeling like crap and eating a lot to avoid nauseas symptoms. Our family went through a season of loss, and through that, I'm thankful we had this baby to keep us focused on future happiness.

How does Teddy feel about becoming a big brother?

Teddy is pretty funny about becoming a big brother. Most of the time he is indifferent but there are other times he's a sour patch kid. Going from saying things like, "Mommy - I don't like brother or sister. I think you should take them out and throw them in the trash..." (WHAT?!) to moments of kissing my belly and saying "I love you". He's still pretty young and I'm not sure he realizes how his life is going to change in a few months, but I know he's going to be an amazing big brother when the time comes.

How did you find out gender?

We found out on my birthday. I really wanted Teddy to be involved in telling us what we were having. Tim and I went to the ultra-sound appointment first thing that morning but didn't want to find out there. We took a sealed envelope to the bakery and had a cake made with pink/blue frosting inside. That night we went for a walk and asked Teddy if he wished for a brother or a sister. He said he really wanted a sister. I was sure we were having a boy so I tried to console him by telling him he'll be a good big brother no matter what we have.

Back at home we made sure to record his answer of wanting a sister. We gave him a little knife and told him to cut the cake and if the frosting was pink he was having a sister and if it was blue he was having a brother. After cutting the cake, he told us it was PINK! I could not believe it. I honestly never thought we would have a girl. Tim and I both cried. Teddy was just excited he got to eat cake. It was probably one of my favorite birthday gifts to date.

Before we found out gender, there were a few signs leaning towards a girl that I didn't let myself acknowledge because I never wanted to let myself feel disappointed. I honestly would have been thrilled if we had a boy but I just had a thought in the back of my brain there was a chance we were having a girl.

  1. Nausea: I was nauseous way longer with this pregnancy. My mom said she was super sick with me and once it lasted past 12 weeks, I had a feeling this was different.

  2. Jensen's Dream: A week before we found out we were pregnant, our nephew Jensen told his parents he had a dream I was pregnant with a baby girl. They told J I wasn't pregnant but to say prayers because you never know. When Mindy and Matt found out the next week we were expecting, it was too crazy - because we were in fact pregnant at the time J had this dream.

  3. Pat: The timing of us finding out we were pregnant and Pat dying - it just seemed like things coming full circle. She's our angel and I know she had a little something to do with this.

How's this pregnancy different from Teddy?

Let me say, I love this baby and I can't wait for her to get here but it's a lot less climactic than the first time around. Our life isn't completely changing. Our world was rocked with Teddy. While we are planning a little here and there - we've moved Teddy to his big boy room, painted the nursery and registered for a few new things we need (for the discount) - life just keeps moving on. Having a threenager doesn't allow a lot of time for rest. The days fly by and I can't believe I'm already at 26 weeks along. It's CRAZY!

I allow myself a lot more grace this time around. I'm not as worried. I eat Turkey. I forgot I wasn't supposed to eat Feta until week 17 and I still forget. I don't read my weekly e-mails about where I am and what size the baby is. I'm letting myself be. And it's nice.

I'm not one of those women who LOVES being pregnant. I'm so thankful and feel blessed to be able to do this but it's hard. I struggle with all the body changes and all the things that go along with being pregnant. I'm thankful time is moving quickly, however I think with this one, I'll snap my fingers and she'll be here. My goal for the rest of this pregnancy is to try and stay present in the moments with Teddy. I want to soak up each moment we're still together as a #partyof3.

So that's us. We look forward to the next couple of months and can't wait to become a #Partyof4 in July.

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