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Teddy Turns 3

Happy Happy Birthday sweet boy. How are you possibly 3 already? You're like a little person with opinions and everything!

We had so much fun celebrating your 3rd birthday. We invited your friends and family to our gym where we ran around, played games (burned off a ton of energy) and then enjoyed pizza, cake and presents. Here's a little look at some of the fun you had!

I want to make sure I remember some of the milestones of your 3rd year. Here are some highlights:

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Book: You love Where's Waldo and anything with Trucks or Paw Patrol.

Favorite Toy: You love your little Lightning McQueen car. You have a new baseball glove and you love playing catch with mom and dad.

Favorite Food: Grapes, Blueberries, Fruit Snacks, Mac N Cheese, and Cool Whip. You are just like your dad where you love dipping anything in Ketchup and ranch.

Favorite Phrase: "Oh Sure" - whenever I ask you to do something, or if you want to help me with something, you'll say, "Oh Sure". It's so cute. Also, "you're poopy" - you love to talk about poop...

Personality: You are so independent. You really like to do things yourself or in a particular way. I've learned to ask you how you want things prepared before I do them to avoid any blow back. You are very competitive. You always want to get wherever you're going first. We're trying to teach you you won't always win, but to try your best. You're goofy - always up for a laugh. You are caring and loving. You give the biggest hugs and best kisses. I love it when you say, "I love you" or "I want to give you a hug" out of the blue.

Learning: We are working on our letters. You know how to spell your name but we have a ways to go on our ABC's. You know where what street and city you live in. We're working on drawing and coordination with your fingers.

Favorite Things to Do: You are an outdoor kid. You are always on the move. You've discovered hop scotch and you love to play catch with your new baseball glove. You love your new scooter and anything that keeps you on the move.

You are the sweetest little boy Teddy. We are absolutely in love with who you are becoming and are thankful for you each and every day. Wising you a great year ahead.





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