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Happy Friday!

1. Jimmy - you took the words RIGHT out of my mouth. Still having lots of thoughts about the horrific shooting in Las Vegas. I did a little post earlier this week. While it's hard to express thoughts and comprehend all these tragic events, I'm glad Jimmy Kimmel can use his platform to say exactly how I feel.

2. 23 Ways to Fix a Bad Day. This is such a great list. I especially like #10, #12 and #22. If you're having a bad day, this list has some great ideas to make you feel better.

3. Stay in the moment. 3 easy ways to be more present throughout the day. This is something I can definitely get better at!

4. Yeah... this is on my wish list. The blog Kevin and Amanda always have the most delicious looking recipes. I saw this Peanut Butter Pie recipe and it looked so easy to make. It's definitely on my wish list for the holidays. I'll have to make this for something so I have some place to take it too... because otherwise - I would eat the whole thing, no doubt!

5. I have a crush on Sophia Bush. She's gorgeous, an activist and constantly uses her voice to push out positivity. Basically, my current thoughts on life events.

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