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A Prayer

By now you all have heard that Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind behind the horrific 9/11 attacks, is dead. President Obama announced his death was the result of a U.S. operation launched on Sunday in Pakistan, against a compound where Bin Laden was believed to be hiding. His body was taken by American troops and later buried at sea.

It’s been 10 years since the worst attack on American soil took place and I think we all too easily forget that incredible day. We are too busy getting everything on the to-do list done, going to work, taking care of our families, meeting deadlines, waiting for the next technilogical advancement to come out so we can add one more tangible item to our “need/want” list. When instead we should be thanking the people who make this list of things possible.

When asked, we can all answer the question, “Where were you when the first tower was hit on September 11, 2001?”. I was 17 years old in 11 grade at Kennedy high school, walking down the main stairs near the library to my locker when the news starting buzzing. I remember thinking, “Can’t be true – we live in America – that sort of thing can’t happen here. Who would do this?” The rest of the day was spent in silence as we watched the news in our classrooms. I went home for lunch and ran into my dad’s arms and just started crying. Aren’t father’s supposed to have answers to the tough questions like, “Why did this happen?” But there is no right answer to a question like that.

For 10 years, we have lost American soldiers in this war. Soldiers who fight every day so we may be free. Free to live the lives we live – to live in a country where we can have opinions on politics. Whether you are left or right or in the middle – you have the FREEDOM to form your own opinions and have conversations with your neighbor.

We live in a sometimes cynical world where we tear each other down more then we lift each other up. We must start supporting our neighbors and create positive role models for our children. Please try and remember how lucky we are to live in this great nation.

Today, I felt great sense of national pride. We won a large battle and we should be proud – but we are still fighting a war. Please, make sure you say a prayer tonight for all of our troops fighting the great fight – so we can be safe.

And one last thing, God bless us everyone.

WordArt by Liz T.

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