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Home for Thanksgiving

I had a GREAT time home for Thanksgiving. It was just what I needed, one of those “great for the soul” weekends.

Wednesday – Tim and I celebrated with Pat, Rick, Mindy, Matt and Jensen on Wednesday evening. Pat made an amazing dinner and we ended the evening with the tradition of watching, “Christmas Vacation”.

Thursday – we headed to Rockford, Il to celebrate with my Glockhoff Family. My cousin Steven and Narina hosted for the first time, and they did a great job. Catching up with the family was great!

Friday – Mom and I woke up bright and early and did our traditional 5 a.m. shopping. After several bargains, we called it a day and had lunch with some great friends, Nancy and Courtney. Later that night I was able to meet up with some of my best friends and we all caught up over a few cocktails.

Saturday – my parents drove me back to Valpo and we spent our time touring the town and dining out at one of my favorite restaurants.

Overall, my Thanksgiving vacation was a huge success. Now, I can’t wait for Christmas!

Isn’t he just the cutest? I have the BEST nephew!

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