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Open House

So we had our first open house yesterday. Tim and I spent all weekend cleaning, mowing, dusting, vacuuming – you know… deep cleaning the bathrooms and getting the pink stuff off the tub floor. We put out fresh flowers and I spent all morning baking chocolate chip cookies. I even had pink champagne and raspberries.

Well, all that work, and only two people came through to look at our beautiful place we call home. However, the second couple that came through was young and very eager and ready to buy. They loved the house. I really hope something comes of this. I would love to sell our home and check that off our list.

Please keep us and our home in your prayers. I just know there is some family out there that will love our home as much as we have.

Good message for today: CHEE(RED)

So you don’t have a mascot. Or team colors.

Or a fight song that plays every time you enter a room.

But, wow! Do you have a following!

A support system. People who are

gonna stand by you in victory or defeat.

And they’re ready to chang, “Let’s get fired up!”

whenever you need it.

No matter what… never, ever forget your fans.

Boy is this how I feel lately. Ever since Tim and I announced me are embarking on a new adventure, our “fans” have been very supportive. We are so blessed to have a strong network of family and friends who care about us and are excited for the next big step in our lives. Let us always count our blessings and never forget our fans.

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