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We've made it to August. I can't believe summer is already almost over! I really want to take advantage of the next several weeks of summer. We've had such a nice, relaxing one so far - full of quality family time. There is still ice cream to consume and sun to soak up!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! I hope it's filled with sun and ice cream.

1. Gorgeous Colorful Blooms. I'm going to get some fresh flowers this weekend at the Farmer's Market.

2. Beautiful color. I think this will be my inspiration at my next hair appointment in a few weeks.

3. Obsessed. With the whole thing.

4. Work it real good. Here are 20 - 10 minute ab work outs that will get you in shape. It can't hurt to try, right? I'm gonna try this one.

5. Be Kind. In today's world, why not be known for these two things. We need humans who are kind and who have grace, now more than ever.

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