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Happy 4th of July weekend! We've got a couple fun things planned close to home including an i-Cubs baseball game, an outdoor run and quality time with Grandma Pat. Cheers to a relaxing and safe weekend!

Here's this week's Top 5.

1. Barbeque. 4th of July is coming up fast and with that comes yummy, delicious BBQ's. I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes for summer get together's. What are you making??

2. Celebrate your love. Tim and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary at the beginning of this month. We had a fun family dinner out at one of our favorite restaurants. After being together for over 15 years, it's sometimes hard to come up with new creative ways to celebrate milestones. I loved this blog post, "25 Sweet Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary." Perfect if you're looking for fun ways to liven up your next anniversary or date night out.

3. Add privacy to your backyard. Tim and I are looking for ways to beautify our backyard while also making it private. We love our home but with new construction and neighbors going up behind us, we're looking for a little privacy. I loved all of the cute, creative solutions they came up with in this blog post. Even if privacy is not something you seek, you can pull inspiration from their beautiful backyard pics.

4. Sorry I'm not sorry. Something I need to stop doing is saying "sorry" for no good reason. Why do I do that? Especially woman - am I really sorry I need to ask a question? Am I really sorry I'm standing in your way on a crowded elevator? Why can't I just say, "excuse me?" - for some reason I'm always saying "sorry". This article gives 5 common situations where we say, "sorry" and gives you other things to say.

5. Love yourself. My husband posted a sweet photo of my son and me fast asleep one morning this past week. When I first saw it I immediately thought, "my arm looks huge. I have cleavage on the internet. I can see remnants of a double chin." It took me 60 seconds before I told internal self to shut the heck up and focus on this beautiful moment my husband captured where my son is snuggled into me like I'm his safe place. Real life isn't airbrushed. Real beauty is being pushed to the edge of the bed every morning because my son can't get close enough. It's a work in progress, but I'm really trying to focus on all the things I love about myself instead of the internal insecurities we all carry.


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