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Happy Friday! This week has completely flown by! I'm looking forward to some beautiful weather the next few days - I can't wait to relax, get outside with my family and enjoy the weekend!

Top 5: April 7, 2017

1. My Little Babushka. No matter how old Teddy gets, he'll still be my little sweetheart. I snapped this photo after bath this week. He's such a character, in this photo he's shouting for his "MONKEYYYYYY."

2. Look Younger. Some days I look at myself and I get surprised when I see a wrinkle, or a grey hair. How did I get here? I'm in my early 30's. EEK! I loved this list put together of 14 Lifestyle Changes That Make You Look Younger. I was happy to see I'm already doing a lot of the things on the list. Here are some things I'm going to put more of an effort into: paint my nails, watch sodium intake, try to get more sleep, stay off smartphone and find the time to exercise regularly.

3. Lunch and Dinner Salads...that will actually fill you up. We're heading into summer and with that comes more motivation to enjoy salads for every meal. Cooking Light put together a great list of delicious looking salads that actually look like they can satisfy your appetite.

4. Spring is here. I love these fun looks!

5. Be kind. Ever since I became a mom, I've become a lot more sensitive to things happening around the world and in our communities. It's hard for me to watch the news - I have a new anxiety and worry I never used to carry. When it gets to be too much, I have to remind myself of the little things I can control, and one of those things is kindness. Be kind. It should be simple, but it's not for everyone. I'm going to work extra hard to sprinkle it around like glitter.

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