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5 Years.

Today I celebrate 5 years of marriage to my best friend. I don’t know how I got so lucky to snag him up a long time ago, but we have created a wonderful life together. I’m proud of where we are, our accomplishments and the family we have created.

To celebrate 5 years, I thought I’d dedicate today’s Top 5 to my hubby and center it around some of my favorite moments from the past half decade. We have had so many amazing times, it’s hard to choose just five. I consider us lucky, because even our normal, every days are filled with love, friendship and laughter.

Here are some highlights…

1. Our Son. Up until the moment I heard our baby cry, the best day of my life was our wedding day. It’s crazy to think the love I felt then, doesn’t even compare to the love I have now. Theodore James is without a doubt, the best thing we have ever done and I feel so blessed call him ours. How on earth did we get so lucky? Babe, you have already proven to be the best father – so patient, helpful, loving, excited and present in every moment. Thank you for loving us so much, and for supporting me in every way when it comes to being a new mom. Theo is so lucky to have you as his dad.

2. Learned to run. 2013 was the summer of races. I ran my first Dam to Dam race (12.4 miles) and later in the summer we ran the Chicago Half Marathon together. Training for this race was the perfect example of teamwork and how you push me to do better. I know I wouldn’t have accomplished this without your support. You got me through all the training runs, carrying the water, offering kleenex and chapstick when I needed it, and cheered me on at every finish. Babe, you are simply the best!

3. Graduate School x 2. It took us 2.5 + years, 36 credits x two, 2 Capstone Projects, 100 + papers, 1500 hours in the classroom but in the end we finished with two graduate degrees. One for you and one for me. Through all the late nights writing, hours away from each other in class, I’m glad we could graduate together from Drake. It was a lot of hard work, but WE DID IT! Woo-hoo!

4. Wanderlust. We’ve continue to do one of our favorite things; travel. Over the last 5 years, we’ve wandered to Riviera Maya, Washington DC, Miami, Galena, Colorado, Hawaii, Orlando, and Charleston. We’ve taken countless trips to Orange County and even dominated a California Road Trip up the coast. As our family grows, I hope we continue to travel and explore new places.

5. Home. We’ve called a lot of special places home over the past 5 years – across 3 different states and in multiple apartments and homes along the way. You could say we are experts at packing and moving. I’m so happy we ended up closer to “home”. I love living back in DSM where we are closer to friends and family. The home we’ve built continues to make room for our growing family and I can’t wait to put down more roots.

Tim, thank you for 5 wonderful years. It just keeps getting better and better. I love you so much and I look forward to the next 5 years and the 5 years after that x infinity.

Cheers to us babe!

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