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10 Things To Do While Pregnant

I got some sweet snail mail from my BFF today. We have been fortunate to go through this whole pregnancy thing together – she’s 10 weeks to the day behind me. I can’t wait for our kiddo’s to grow up and become friends. She included a great little list of ways we should treat ourselves during pregnancy. I loved it so much I had to share.

I’ve only got 6-10 weeks left until T arrives so I better get on it.

  1. Do something you enjoy that you don’t do often… time, cost, location… just do it.

  2. Get a prenatal massage! (and invite your spouse to a massage for two – he’s stressed about being a new daddy, too.)

  3. Take a bath. Add aromas you love, oils, candles – dim the lights and rest… sanctuary!

  4. Give yourself a block of time – or a day – to do your favorite hobby. Work on a creative project, or read a book cover to cover.

  5. Aside from a massage, go to the spa. Let them know you’re pregnant, and let them pamper you.

  6. New Undies! Treat yourself to cute ones you’ll enjoy wearing, even tho they’re larger than norm.

  7. Find other pregnant friends and go to a “happy hour!” Chat about all things pregnancy, and trade cocktails for chocolate and desserts.

  8. Go for a walk with your spouse. Daydream about your future babe and reconnect.

  9. Treat yourself to a new accessory! (a new baby bag isn’t on this list… think shoes, jewelry, polish, etc)

  10. Let your spouse cook you dinner – or take you on a date for a great meal. #comfortfood

Hey Moms – what did you do while pregnant to treat yourself before baby came? Anything not on this list? I’d love to hear your ideas.

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