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Teddy 10 Months

Baby boy. How are you already 10 months old? Soon you’ll be 1. I refuse to count down the days – instead I’m savoring every minute of you being my sweet, little baby. Here’s what you’re up to lately…

Saying: No words yet. I swear, sometimes you’ll say “dada dada” but I really think you’re just making noise. You love to jibber jab. I can’t wait to see what your first word will be. (hint: momma would be nice)

Eating: Sweet potatoes are your all time fav. We tried cauliflower… you did not like it. In fact – we had a hard time getting you to even swallow it down. You’ve also started eating non-pureed foods. You still only have two teeth, so I get worried how you’ll chew, but you manage. You have a slight obsession with blueberries and you suck mandarin oranges down like a little fishy.

Sleeping: Finally, finally, finally. You are sleeping through the night and your parents couldn’t be happier. I’d say you started turning the page and sleeping through the night at 8 months, but it’s on the regular now and IT. IS. AWESOME.

Doing: What aren’t you doing? You are a very curious little boy. Since you are fully mobile you love to go everywhere and get into everything. Since you can move on your own, you are starting to get your first boo boos. I know it’s only the beginning of kissing those owies good-bye. Another fun thing is we got you your first pair of shoes and you actually kept them on your feet. (Silly mom for getting white ones – after one day they are already filthy!) Oh, and you think clapping your hands is hilarious and do a great job mimicking mom and dad when they start clapping theirs.

Latest Biggest Milestone: Fully crawling on your hands and knees. You started army crawling pretty early on and we thought you might stick with that and go straight to walking. But this month you started crawling on your hands and knees and you are a speed racer when you get going. You can pull yourself up like a champion and like to walk around while holding the walls/furniture. We are working with you to walk on your own – you’ve taken one or two steps before falling down and getting right back up to try again.

Favorite Toy: You love your elephant walker. “I love to go a walking, with my best friend every day….” You can walk everywhere with the help of your toy.

Sweetest thing he does: I love bedtime. You move so much during the day, it’s hard to get any snuggles. So I take extra time when putting you to bed to get in my cuddly time. I also love picking you up at daycare every day. You get the biggest smile and come crawling right away. It always makes me feel good after a long day at work.

Favorite part about this age: Seeing you think about things. For example, tonight we had you in your high chair and dad was vacuuming the house. You stopped playing with your food and watched him for 10 whole minutes – just thinking about where that noise was coming from and what the vacuum was doing. It’s fun seeing you discover new things each day.

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