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DIY: "Will You Be My" Boxes

My good friend and officemate Jess is getting married next year. She’s so thoughtful and creative, I know her wedding will be beautiful. When she showed me how she was going to ask her bridesmaids to be in her wedding, I told her I had to blog about it. She found inspiration here and added her own special touches.

Jess made a box for each of her bridesmaids and included fun information about the wedding to get everyone excited. I love how personal she made them. This is the perfect way to ask your attendants to take part in your special day.

Jess started by finding old, vintage cigar boxes and painted the outside of each box black and the inside surface white. Jess has amazing handwriting and was able to freehand the lettering, but you could also use stencils for the inside and outside lettering. She painted her bridesmaid’s name on the outside and the phrase, “Can’t Say I Do… Without You” on the inside.

After the boxes dried, she filled them with a bunch of fun things.

1. Love Knot Bracelets. Jess got each of her ladies a little gift from Etsy. These “Love Knot” bracelets are so cute and thoughtful.

2. Wedding Colors. Jess went to a local paint store and picked up sample paint cards for the colors of her wedding. She tied them together with a small medal rod.

3. Wedding Details + Personalized Letter. Jess put a great packet of wedding day info together including:

  • “Your Dresses”: Information about how to pick out their dresses.

  • “My Girls”: A small paragraph on how Jess know’s each of her bridesmaids.

  • “Your Role”: Gave a brief blurb about their role for the day – with fun things like, “feel beautiful”, “have fun”, “help me enjoy the day”, etc.

  • “Our Day”: Included information about the wedding including; date, time, ceremony, reception, etc.

She topped it off with a personalized, hand-written note for each girl asking them to be in the wedding party.

4. Fun Colorful Pictures. Jess included pictures of the church and venue as well as flower ideas and the bridesmaid dress options.

Assemble your box with photos on the bottom, then include important wedding info, wedding colors and finally the gift on top.

Voila. The perfect way to ask your special ladies to be apart of your big day!

Have you planned a wedding before? How did you ask your attendants to take part in your special day?

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