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1. listening: to my “chill” playlist on Spotify. Some of my favorites include True Colors, Leave, Someone Like You, and Free Like You Make Me.

2. eating: frozen vanilla yogurt with a small handful of m&m’s.

3. drinking: H2O.

4. wearing: a yellow pencil skirt for J-crew (on sale!), a white t-shirt, white sandal’s and Michael Kors watch.

5. feeling: nutty. Work is a little crazy right now (we’re moving offices!!!), grad classes started back up this week and I’ve got some “extra curricular” responsibilities in high gear. All really great things, but it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s when I like to read through my tips on handling stress.

6. weather: 100 degrees today!!! I mean, what’s that about???

7: wanting: a puppy. No, not really but isn’t this little guy the CUTEST?

8: needing: a western outfit. I’m headed to Austin in a couple of weekends to celebrate one of my best girlfriends and her bachelorette party. I don’t own a thing western but I thought these were some fun takes on things I already have… Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 (ha, dream)

9. thinking: I’m going to try this. In fact, I’m going to double dog dare myself.

10. enjoying: my favorite summer show. SYTYCD – seriously, these dancers are incredible. Some of my favorite moments this season. One Two Three Four Five

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