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California Part 1

What an amazing trip! Tim and I vacationed in Fullerton, California last week and spent the weekend settling back into non-vacation mode. It’s been fun looking back at our vacation pictures.

We try to visit California a couple times a year, and it always amazes me that we find fun, new things to experience every time we’re there. A BIG thank you to Tim’s parents, Dan and Jenese for showing us such a great day. Here’s a look back at our fun vacation.

While flying to California, we got a beautiful view of the Grand Canyon.

We hopped off the plane and headed straight to Manhattan Beach to soak up the ocean and avoid rush hour traffic. Little did we know we headed straight into a 6 Man Beach Volleyball Tournament. It was quite a show. Great costumes, a fun sport and lots of men in swimsuits – what’s not to love?

After walking the pier, we grabbed a quick cocktail and appetizer at Sharks Cove Sports Bar. They have killer nachos, great drinks and a fun atmosphere. I loved the large, open windows that let in fresh air and the ocean breeze.

We woke up Thursday and went for a quick work out at D & J’s YMCA – and my quick I mean I got my butt kicked at J’s spin class. It was AWESOME! Gotta work off those vacation calories… Tim and I spent the rest of the day at their pool soaking up sunshine. We went for dinner at Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen where they had fabulous cocktails (look at these fun glasses) and some of the best carnitas tacos that I’ve ever had.

After dinner we took in some art by going to Pageant of the Masters, this year’s theme: The Big Picture.

I don’t even know how to describe this, but it’s “living art”. I’ve added a video from youtube to help describe this amazing experience.

Pageant of the masters is bar far one of the coolest displays of art I have ever seen! Live orchestra, under the stars, breathtaking pieces of art with people. If you ever have the opportunity, I highly recommend you go!

Friday morning we headed out for a nice hike around where D & J live. We took in some beautiful views of Orange County.

Tim and I enjoyed another fun day at the pool. Later that night, we headed to cocktails and an Angels game. We had cocktails at Hopscotch, a craft beer and whisky bar in downtown Fullerton.

After cocktails we road the train into Angel’s Station. It was super easy and a great way to avoid game-day traffic.

We packed sandwiches (to avoid those crazy ballgame prices) and settled in for an AWESOME game where the Angel’s one!

After the game we enjoyed some of the COOLEST fireworks around. We had the perfect seats! Seriously, kick***! It was the perfect all-american night. Baseball and fireworks.

We’ll that’s the first part of our trip. I’ll get the second half up tomorrow!

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