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Happy Friday!

Getting back from vacation on a Wednesday and having a two day work week is awesome, but also a little nutty. Trying to get caught up in two days is tough. My motto – just keep swimming.

Have a FABULOUS weekend!

1. #Vacay. We had the most AMAZING vacation in California. Full of great sites, food, warm weather and some new memories. I’ll have a full post on Monday but here’s a great picture we grabbed at San Clemente beach. I can’t thank Tim’s parent’s enough for a great week.

2. Ice Cream, You Scream… It’s already August. The opportunity to hold an ice cream party are dwindling. Doesn’t this look like an awesome time? What’s your favorite topping? I’m a RPC girl.

3. Step into Fall. I’m torn right now between getting the most of summer (how is summer almost over?!) and getting excited for Fall. I love this simple black pant-suit with a cool, Fall feel.

4. Hello Beautiful. Dark chocolate and raspberries are a beautiful couple and I can’t wait to dive into these little treats. Recipe here.

5. Get It Jess. I have an obsession with Zoey Deschanel (who doesn’t) – and I just love this quote from her hit show, New Girl. If you don’t watch this show, you must start immediately. It’s THE BEST!

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