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Happy Friday! Weeks are moving to fast – it’s already another weekend. I can’t believe it. We are headed to Chicago this weekend for our big half marathon. I’m excited not only for the race, but to catch up with some of our favorite people. It should be fun.

Have a great weekend! Do something memorable!

This weeks Top 5:

1. Ready or not, here we come. Wish Tim and me luck as we conquer the Chicago Half-Marathon this Sunday. I can’t wait to celebrate at the finish line.

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2. Spaces for your home. I’m getting excited for our new home to get built. We’ve got until October until it will be done. I’ve started looking for inspiration, and I really love open rooms that let a lot of light in. I’m a little obsessed with dark browns, creams and pops of color. Have you redecorated lately? What’s been your inspiration?

3. LA by the Slice. We’re heading to California in a couple of weeks and how great would it be to eat our way through all the great pizza places in the city? Check it out.

4. Suit Inspiration. It’s not too late to get a new suit for summer. Here’s are a couple of my favorites.

5. Just Dance. I’ve been in a mood to dance lately. My husband has been looking at me like I’m a little nutty while I dance around the house but hey – sometimes you’ve just got to let go, and enjoy yourself in the moment. Just dance.

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