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It’s Friday.

And it’s snowing.

That’s right. May 2nd and it’s snowing.

I mean, what is that about.

Other than this terrible weather, this week has been filled with some great things; announcements of engagements from a couple of close friends (Congrats Katie and Laura!), my husband returned home safe and I had a wonderful night with my local Kappa sisters. All in all – a great way to head into the weekend. Enjoy the next couple of days – make them count!

Here’s this week’s Top 5:

1. Vacations are booked. Tim and I have a couple of fun trips planned this year. We’re headed to California in July to visit his parents (weee!). And then our second trip… drum roll please…. is Hawaii! My parents are celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary (we went for their 25th!) and we are going with them and Tim’s mom and step-dad. It’s going to awesome! We’re still working on a couple of other fun adventures, stay tuned! (Where is your next destination?!?)

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2. Spring picnic. I just want a fun, outdoor dinner with friends and bright flowers.

3. Light it up. I’m seriously lusting over this beautiful backyard. “When I grow up” and have a yard, we will have lights and it will be lovely.

4. Classic. Loving Nicole’s classic style with simple t-shirt and wide leg denim.

5. Be happy. It can be rough some days, but you’ve got to try really hard to stay positive and be happy. No one can do it but you.

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