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Relays Baby

It’s relays week people.

In case you didn’t know, The Drake Relays is an outdoor track and field event held in Des Moines, IA, in the Drake Stadium on Drake Universities campus. It is regarded as one of the top track and field events in the USA, and once of the best traditions as a Drake student and alum.

The inaugural Drake Relays was held back in 1910. The first meet drew just 100 spectators and 82 athletes, all from Des Moines-area colleges and high schools. This year has grown to having 25 Olympic medalists that will run over the course over the weekend.

Relays is a time honored tradition for Drake students – kind of like everyone else’s homecoming. So many of my college memories were created over Relays weekend. Now that I work at Drake, it’s fun to see Relays from another perspective.

I’ve had a lot of fun going down memory lane. Here are a couple of my favorite relays moments! (I wish I could have 2004 – but digital cameras didn’t exist…)

What’s your favorite college tradition??

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