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I'm a midwestern girl who lives in Iowa with my amazing husband, Tim and our incredible son Theodore.  I love to cook, entertain family and friends, visit unknown travel destinations, and enjoy the occasional martini.  


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DIY: Smoothie Bags

March 4, 2013

Well folks, marathon training starts tomorrow! I’ve got my training schedule and I’m ready to rock and roll.  Tim and I got started this morning with a small 2-mile run on the trails near downtown.  In case you’re gearing up for a half marathon this summer and would like to join me, here’s my workout for the week.  (I’ll post every Monday and give a quick update on how I’m doing) Feel free to join along!


Half Marathon Training: Week 1 

  • Monday: stretch and strengthen

  • Tuesday: 3 mile run

  • Wednesday: 2 mile run or cross train

  • Thursday: 3 mile run + strength

  • Friday: Rest (YAY!)

  • Saturday: 30 minute cross train

  • Sunday: 4 mile run

Tomorrow is Monday and it’s always good to start the week off prepared. I like to make a smoothie for breakfast in the morning and some most mornings I’m running a little behind.  To help with that, I decided to make my own smoothie bags ahead of time.  I found the idea on Pinterest and now I’m hooked.

Now when I’m running out the door, all I have to do is grab my ninja (the best invention ever!), some ice, juice, the bag of already mixed fruit and push blend.  I’m out the door with a great breakfast!


Liz’s Morning Smoothie

  • Ninja Blender (or regular blender)

  • 1 – 1 1/2C. orange juice

  • Couple ice cubes

  • Splash of diet 7-up

  • Pre-made fruit smoothie bag

Fill blender with ice cubes, orange juice, 7-up and fruit.  Blend until fruit and ice are nice and smooth.  Pour into glass or ready-to-go cup and enjoy!



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