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Aloha Part 2

I’m back with more from our amazing trip to Maui!

Saturday was full of action packed fun. We started off the day bright and early with dolphin watching and snorkeling.

We stopped by the Banyan Tree Park. This Banyan Tree was first planted in April, 1873, and marked the 50th Anniversary of Christian missionary work in Lahaina. The tree was imported from India was only 8 feet tall. It now stands over 60 feet high, has 12 major trunks in addition to a huge core. It stretches over a 200-foot area and shades 2/3 of an acre.

Caring members of the community carefully maintain the symmetrical shape of the Banyan Tree. It is one of the largest Indian Banyan trees in the world. Tim and I even found our initials already carved in the tree: T + L

For the ultimate in adventure, we went with the exclusive Pacific Whale Foundation Eco-Adventure that offers half-day out with snorkel sessions that include breakfast and lunch.

We traveled to the scenic coast of Lana’i. The reefs surrounding Lana’i are known for their health and diversity.

The surrounding area is known for its populations of wild spinner, spotted and bottlenose dolphins. We were lucky enough to see this cute little bottlenose dolphin. Look how close he got!

The boat came complete with a slide! SO MUCH FUN! (underwater pictures coming later)

Once we got back from snorkeling we walked around Lahaina and enjoyed the shops. We stopped at one of the jewelry shops on the corner and I got a pearl for my coworker. It was a fun experience. I ended up with a black pearl, “very rare” according to the person working.

Saturday night we went to the Drums of the Pacific Luau. We enjoyed an overflowing buffet of Hawaiian and Polynesian cusine featuring kalua pork, huli huli chicken, fresh maji maji and more.

We were able to experience the songs and dances of different cultures – Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian, Fijian, Tongan and Maori. This show is authentic down to the finest details.

Sunday our flight didn’t leave until 9 p.m. so we had all day to walk around and enjoy our day out in the sun.

So long Hawaii. How we miss you already!

For the rest of the pictures from our trip – see below.

Do you have any trips planned this summer? Tell me, where are you going?

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