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Aloha Part 1

What an amazing few days! We are back from our amazing trip to Hawaii and we had a blast!

We got to our beautiful ASTON Kaanapali Shores resort a little after 5 p.m. on Thursday evening. We checked in and freshened up for dinner.

We headed out to find some din-din. Here Tim is looking out at the ocean – ready for 3 full days in the sun!

What better way to start this fabulous trip than with our favorite drinks? Oh, I know… this chocolate molten cake… Yes, we are on vacation – it’s ok – calories don’t count!

We started Friday waking up at 4:30 a.m. (Hawaii is 5 hours ahead from us here in Indiana). Since we couldn’t sleep we got up and went for a morning run which was awesome. The weather was perfect and the views were sensational. After our run we headed over to my new favorite breakfast place, called Java Jazz. This place had AWESOME chocolate chip pancakes. We didn’t really get the decor…? Any thoughts? Do you see a theme?

After breakfast we headed to the beach!

The best part of the day was meeting up with Tracey and Tommy.

What a great full day in Hawaii!! Stay tuned for day two, filled with dolphin watching, snorkeling and a fabulous luau.

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