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A New Job

I got a new job! I was very blessed to get a job my second day in Valpo. I am the new Volunteer Coordinator for the United Way of Porter County. (You can see the celebratory cupcake I treated myself to when I found out I got the job)

I will be working with the Volunteer Center and maintaining the website and social networking sites for United Way. I am also working with Power of Youth – an organization led by high schoolers that work together to raise money and awareness to beat the battle against teen drug use. I met them for the first time last week and they are amazing kids. My new co-workers are great – I really think I’m going to enjoy working with them.

I am excited for the opportunity to meet business leaders in our community. United Way works with people and businesses from all over the City and I know I’m going to make a lot of great contacts.

Side Note: I still miss all my Chamber and CVB Peeps. No one could ever replace you! :o)

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