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Goodbye to Something Good

Three weeks ago, Tim and I packed up our home at 104 Wallaby Way and moved to Valparaiso, Indiana. It was very sad to say good-bye, especially since I made friends with some amazing people. We finished things off with a fun going-away happy hour at Ten Down Under with my favorite Chamber and Women’s Network members.

Friday – Day before the BIG MOVE: Our parents came and helped us move. I don’t know why, but moving out is always harder than moving in. You would think by now we would be moving genius’s but we still need help. We could not have gotten it all done without them. A huge shout out to Pat, Rick, Mom and Dad. You are awesome! No matter how old we get, it’s great to know we can still rely on you for help.

Inspiration for our move:


Some people just seem to make

an adventure out of everything.

Not surprisingly, those are the people

who seem to keep having adventures.

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