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My Amazing Sister-In-Law

As many of you know, I am an only child. I have never had a brother or a sister – in fact, that is a reason why my friendships are so important to me. All of my friends make up my little extended family. They are all wonderful in their own little way, but this post isn’t about my amazing extended family of friends. This blog post is about my new Sister-In-Law. Her name is Mindy and she is fabulous!

Mindy has been one of Tim and my biggest fans since we started dating over 9 years ago. She is one of the best people I know – amazingly kind and has a beautiful energy that touches everyone around her. I’ve always looked to her for positivity and I’m excited to grow old with her in my life – as my sister.

I’m looking forward to our weekly phone calls that will soon begin and the “secret” sisterhood bond we will create. I knew that marrying Tim was the best decision I would ever make. A great extended family is just a cherry on top of this great cake I call life.

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