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It’s not good enough to believe in something.

It’s got to be something good. Something big.

Something strong enough to get you through

the most hellish night you can fathom –

and the most beautiful morning you can imagine.

So believing in something yes.

But, please, believe in something great.

I wholeheartedly believe that this move is going to be something great. Tim started the first leg of our new journey today. It’s all becoming reality, slowly but surely. We were talking before he left, and it’s funny how calm and collected we feel. After you do one life changing move, it makes the next few slightly easier. Tim’s car has been packed up so many times, we should get some kind of “excellent packing” award. I’m sure we would win.

It’s funny to laugh about, but I truly believe our next move is the last for awhile. Cross your fingers I have every hope that we will LOVE Valpo and find amazing friends and a happy home life. I’ll leave how sad it’s going to be leaving Columbia to another blog post – this one is about the excitement and joy for our next big adventure.

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