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Smile for a stranger.

Find the time when you have none.

A simple, human gesture inspires others

to go with the flow. Such a small gift,

such simple greatness, has moved mountains

and is inside us all.

So tonight we had Tim’s good-bye dinner at Agave Mexican Restaurant for his work peeps. He had over 25 people show up, it was amazing. They said it was the most anyone has ever showed up for a good-bye party. It just goes to show how much everyone loves him and that he has made such a great impact on the college and the people who work there. He will be greatly missed.

My husband is an amazing individual and I feel blessed everyday I get to wake up next to him. You could say, that I am “honored” to be called his wife. He inspires me daily with simple, human gestures. Small gifts that really make up my world. I’m very proud of his next career choice. He’s going to knock-em dead there too. And why wouldn’t he? He’s a rock-star. He’s my rock-star.

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