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It’s amazing how little things can restore your faith in people;

Situations get messy sometimes and you think,

“What’s the point?” Then somebody

does some cool thing for somebody else.

Just one little amazingly human thing and you realize…

there might be something to this whole “humanity” bit.

You realize… we can do this.

I have had some amazing friends in my life. I’ve been blessed to keep most of them throughout my high school years and into college and there after. There are of course, those few that got away.

My best friend called me today to tell me a story about an old friend from high school and how she sent a nice message to her on Facebook about her recent marriage. At first I wasn’t quite sure what to think, and then I read this passage from my new “Be Inspired” book. Sometimes there are little things that can restore faith in people. It’s always hard losing a friend. But I’ve learned that’s life and sometimes things are better the way they are.

Either way, I wish my old friend well. I hope she, too, has a core group of girlfriends that she can count on like I do. I hope she’s as blessed as I have been. I hope we can both find peace, move on and learn to forgive.

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