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Be Inspi(red)

So, I love picking up small inspirational books. It’s weird how words and motivational sayings can really change your day. The most recent book I picked up is called, “BE INSPI(RED)” – Words of Hope and Courage. For the next couple of entries, I’m going to end my blog with a different excerpt from the book.


“If you ever doubt the power of language, listen more closely. Witness the magic the first time someone whispers “I love you,”

Watch a woman put on headphones, close her eyes, and have her life changed by a lyric.

See a bad moment flipped upside down by a well-timed joke.

Words propel us, empower us, make us human… and more than human.

We constantly struggle to say what we mean and mean what we say.

To “wrestle with words and meanings.”

That’s what T.S. Eliot calls it.

But as we whisper and shout, stutter and spin, we create order out of the chaos around us. We are built of words, and we live by them, too.

inc(red)able potential is nice.

Talent is wonderful.

But so few of us ever use what we have.

You can make an impact that’s better than nice

and bigger than wonderful.

You can be incredible.

Taken from – Gift Books from Hallmark, “Be INSPI(RED)”.

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