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Teddy Turns 4!

4 years ago tonight you changed my world. My sweet, loving, adventurous, smart, active, amazing Teddy. Today you turned four.

This past year you started pre-school, expanded your brain with so many exciting things (even learned some naughty words on the playground 🤔), you rode a camel, mastered your bike, became the BEST big brother 😍, traveled to Colorado and Florida, was Lightning McQueen (again...), grew a love of rock n roll, nurtured old friendships, created new friendships, started a hate relationship with seams 🙄), still obsess over cars and anything with wheels and continue to eat us out of house and home (I want a snaaaaack). We love you to the moon. Thank you for the love and joy you bring to our lives. Cheers to you and all the amazing, new things coming your way next year. #tesarpartyof4


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